Are Bedtime Stories Only for Kids?

Written By: Barnali Sarkar

The other day I was talking with my friend Dani and he said to me “A few days ago, I finished reading ‘The Little Prince’ to my two daughters. It has been years since I last read it so naturally, I did not remember the whole plot. What got me by surprise was that I completely forgot the extremely dramatic ending. The little prince departs from this world to return to his star and rose that he loves. The manner of departure is the part I forgot: the snake helps him get rid of the heavy body he cannot carry to another world by biting him with his lethal venom. We kind of know what that means…. Or do we? After they were both fast asleep I found myself contemplating impermanence and its relation to how we perceive the world….” 

When we were kids, we immersed ourselves in a good book and even got lost in the pages of our favorite stories time and again. And bedtime stories not only conveyed a poignant message subtly but also helped us escape from the world for a short while….. 

As adults, most parents may be a strong advocate of the fact that bedtime stories foster Exclusive Family Time as your children have You all to themselves – something that may not be possible during any other time of the day. Also, when you use Context Clues to understand unfamiliar words or Create Conversations, the words on the page cease to be simply a part of the experience and gain deeper meaning.

But the biggest reward that we adults get from bedtime stories is self-contemplation!

There’s no denying the fact that at times, going back to an old story can even make you ponder over its message and relearn a few things along the way….After reading out a story, when we have our “me time”, we often reflect on the settings, the characters, their challenges and actions, and most importantly, the consequences of these acts. And it is then that we contemplate and look back at our own journey. 

The right story can create these blissful moments of calm and deep awareness, after running from one thing to another all day, we can finally experience something single-mindedly. 

It is in fact in a way, practicing mindfulness…….

So after you read a StoryMoment story, do not rush, linger around, let calm and awareness take over you….


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