Can Listening to Bedtime Stories Replicate the Routine of Reading Them

Written By: Barnali Sarkar

As adults, many of us relish the very thought of dropping off to bed early, lazy hours in bed, and long lie-ins. But convincing children to call it a day and unwind at bedtime can be a trying time with a capital T. An easy-to-implement way of comforting children at bedtime and helping them wind down is reading them a bedtime story. But if you feel too tired at the end of a hectic day at work or just ticked off the last chore on your to-do list for the day, how about listening to a bedtime story with your little munchkin instead of reading out one! The narrator’s soothing voice will fill up the room and give you a chance to relax along with your children without having to miss or curtail your special bonding time. 

But does listening to a bedtime story replicate the benefits of reading out stories? 

Listening to a story, particularly bedtime stories can help children boost their literary skills, especially those who struggle with reading and comprehension. As a child listens to a story, he/she becomes absorbed in it as one does not need to cross the hurdle of difficult text. Additionally, it helps children who have trouble focusing on reading because now, they can concentrate and listen to the story, link pronunciation and comprehension with text, and improve their speech patterns and rhythms that they might miss while reading a printed version. It could also help children to become more focused and better listeners, work on their voice modulation and expression, and develop their speaking skills and articulation.

One of the most rewarding aspects of listening to a story is that you and your children can Listen Together, particularly at bedtime. It can also improve your own storytelling skills. Children grasp the rhyme, rhythm, and tone of a story as it affects them deeply. They react to the tone of your voice (or the narrator’s) and reflect on what they hear developing empathy and understanding in the long run.

You can choose to read out a story or simply click on the audio button on the StoryMoment App and put your feet up for a while as the narrator takes you and your child on an exhilarating journey. Your children have a more engaging and interactive experience and develop better communication and critical thinking skills. 

The StoryMoment App weaves stories on issues that children can easily relate to and ensures that both You and Your Children drift off to a calm and relaxed night’s sleep…..


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