Other side of the rainbow

This story is about a girl named Bow who wanted to find out what lay on the other side of the rainbow.

Bow loved her name because she thought it was unique, and more so because she was fascinated by bright and colorful rainbows. She felt as if her name had been embedded in a rainbow, and, therefore, it made her feel one with the beautiful arc in the sky. 

When she was at school on rainy days and the sun would play peek-a-boo from behind the clouds, Bow would anxiously wait for the rain to stop for a rainbow to appear and add color to the grey sky. She would rush out to the terrace to get a clear view of the colorful rainbow. Her little heart would skip a beat when she saw it. 

If on a sunny day there was a steady drizzle, Bow’s little heart would be filled with joy at the sight of a rainbow emerging from the falling drops of rain gently kissed by the sun. 

One rainy day, Bow set out for school. After walking some distance, she felt the warm rays of the gentle sun softly stroking her hair. She looked up at the sky and saw the most amazing rainbow shining in all its glory. As Bow kept gazing at the rainbow, she could not control her desire to touch it. She yearned to climb over the rainbow, feel it, and see what was on its other side. With these thoughts in her mind, Bow started walking toward the rainbow.  

Bow lost track of time as she kept on walking to reach the rainbow. But no matter how far she walked, she did not seem to get any closer to the rainbow. Whenever Bow felt that she was nearing it and would soon touch it, her hand would close on thin air. As this went on for quite some time, Bow, now exhausted, sat down by the side of the road. She started wondering about how she could ever reach the rainbow when all her efforts had seemed unsuccessful. She thought hard and suddenly remembered Bauga, the old witch who lived in their town. Bauga was renowned for her wisdom, and people came from far and near to seek her advice. Bow decided to visit Bauga, who she hoped would help her find a way to reach her rainbow.

The following morning, Bow set out to meet Bauga. The knowledgeable witch lived upstream on the bank of a river. Bauga was a good witch; she was kind and treated everyone as a friend. Bow told her story to Bauga, who promised to help her find a way to reach the rainbow. She cast a magic spell on Bow and told her to return home. Bow returned home and waited the entire day, but nothing happened and she became a bit restless. That night, as she lay in bed trying to fall asleep, events of the previous two days unfolded in her thoughts. Thoughts about seeing the rainbow, her quest for a path to reach it, her meeting with Bauga, and her casting a magic spell on Bow all came rushing back to her, flooding her mind. Soon, however, Bow fell asleep and drifted into the land of dreams. 

As she fell into a deep sleep, the spell began to work. In her dream, Bow saw the most beautiful rainbow. She started running towards it as fast as she could. Soon, she reached the rainbow and touched it. The rainbow felt like a sponge in her hands. She decided to climb over it to see what lay on the other side. She climbed to the top of the rainbow and observed the most amazing view. The land below emerged like a dazzling carpet covered with a variety of flowers and trees of different colors. As she looked around her, she saw birds flying and heard their chirping in the sky. She felt as if she could fly with them. Bow greeted the clouds as they were hovering over her in the deep blue sky. Although it was all a dream, Bow felt as if everything had been real. She climbed on the rainbow and then slowly slid down to its very end. She woke up and felt happy as she realized that her dream had finally come true.

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Wind down, relax and increase awareness of the body and breathing.

Lie down on your back, relax your entire body, and make sure you are making no special effort. Scan your body from head to toes and observe the weight you apply on the bed with each part of your body.

[Do this for 15 seconds, in silence]

Now close your eyes and put two palms on your eyes, do not apply pressure on your eyes. It should be a light touch; feel that air can easily flow between your face and hands.

Now inhale through your nose and feel the air flowing in and filling up your body, and exhale through the nose, again noticing the air flowing out through the nostrils. Do this 3 times.

[Wait 15 seconds]

Now put your palms over your heart, letting your palms gently touch your chest.

Again, inhale through your nose, feel the air flowing in and filling up your body, then exhale through the nose, noticing the air flowing out through the nostrils. Do this 3 times.

[Wait 15 seconds]

Now put your palms over your belly; let your palms touch your belly lightly.

Again, inhale through your nose and feel the air flowing in and making your belly rise; now exhale through the nose, again noticing the air flowing out through the nostrils. Do this 3 times.

[Breathe 3 times like this]

Now, we shall begin our story…

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Focus awareness on how the story resonates within us. There are no right or wrong answers here, you can also just throw the questions into the air.

“The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes, but in having new eyes” (Marcel Proust)

Does a rainbow truly exist? Can one touch it? Does it exist if nobody saw it?

Do you think that we all see the same colors; meaning, do I see red just the same as you do?

Do people really feel the same when they talk about emotions? Is ‘sad’ or ‘happy’ for one person the same as for the other.

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Create awareness, clarity and calm. This practice is related to the story so as to make the practice easier for kids.

Imagine that it is a rainy day and you are walking out of your house. The sky is cloudy, it is grey outside and you smell the wetness in the air. You are a little cold as you start walking away from your house. After a few steps, the sky starts to clear a bit. As you walk, you feel warm sunshine on your back. You are surprised and happy, and you know what you will see when you turn around.

As you turn around, you are not disappointed – you see a wonderful rainbow! You stare at the rainbow for a while and start walking toward it. Nothing stands in your way, it is as if you are on a magical trail made of bricks in the colors of the rainbow, walking toward it.

Now, focus on the rainbow as you walk toward it, see its bright beautiful colors, and also notice how it is transparent and you can see right through it. Focus your attention on it. Stay with your focus like this for a while, seeing the rainbow, walking toward it. \n\nIf you feel your mind has wandered off, observe the thought that made it wonder off. For example, if you thought about a friend at school, hold the thought about that friend, then put it on the rainbow and see how it slides up the rainbow and disappears into a cloud. Return your focus to the rainbow. Each time a thought appears, put it on the rainbow and let it slide upward.

[Do this for 30-60 seconds]

Now return your attention to your body and feel your weight on the bed/mattress.


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