5 Reasons Why Bedtime Stories are Important

Written By: Barnali Sarkar

Just a reminder of why it is so important to read together, parents and children. This is true, not only for the very young ones. Reading to children has been shown to be extremely beneficial also for children up to later ages, even 12 years old:

 Foster & Strengthen the Family Bond: Both parents and children develop a uniquely special ‘together time’ as a family. The family bond is strengthened and leaves children with happy childhood memories as it brings happiness and laughter.

 Help Develop Early Language Skills & Boost Vocabulary suitable for different age levels.

 Improve Literacy Rates in Children who fall in love with reading or develop a lifelong love for it. 

 Expand Minds and Horizons of Children as they explore different cultures, ways of living, and customs. Children develop positive values and a deeper understanding of people and the world around them. The stories contain situations and characters that children can relate to in real life and learn from their adventures, mistakes, and actions.

 Nurture & Promote Imaginative Thinking and Creativity in Children as they are introduced to newer experiences and circumstances such as outer space and marine life.

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