The motorcycle and the crane

The story is about a boy named Rach who loved to take things apart and put them back together.  One day, he was caught by surprise.

Rach was an inquisitive little boy. He was curious about how things worked, especially from the technical aspect. He was fascinated by his Lego bricks and spent hours building things with them. If he found an old radio in the house, he would run to fetch his toolset and take it apart. Rach’s favorite place in the house was his father’s workshop in the backyard. His father was a carpenter and Rach loved tinkering with his tools. He would watch with awe as his father worked on blocks of wood and gave shape and form to beautiful pieces of furniture. Sometimes, he would help his father and learn how to use the tools. In his spare time, he would look around the house and find old or discarded toys or unused appliances to practice his skills on. The attic was his favorite hunting ground to search for old things. Sometimes, he would find an old alarm clock or a toy that he used to play with as a small child. The moment he found something that aroused his curiosity, he would get busy dismantling it.

On Rach’s 13th birthday, an uncle, who lived in a faraway country, came to visit the family and brought Rach an amazing gift. The gift was a motorcycle made for young teenagers. Rach was delighted to receive the present. He thanked his uncle and zoomed off to the neighborhood park so that he could show his new bike to his friends. For the next few days, Rach would rush back home from school and ride his bike. He would ride to nearby lakes and parks or visit his friends who lived a short distance away.

Rach enjoyed his motorcycle very much, but the more he rode it the greater his curiosity became. One day, he could no longer resist the urge to figure out how it worked and decided to take it apart. Rach took the bike to his father’s workshop, fetched his tool kit, and started taking the motorcycle apart. In the beginning, he only removed a few parts. The following day, he removed a few more parts. In fact, every day he would remove more and more pieces until, one day, all that was left of the bike was hundreds of parts scattered on the floor. As the parts lay strewn all over the floor, Rach decided to reassemble them. However, to his utter dismay, Rach just could not reassemble the parts and rebuild the motorcycle. He tried for days but did not succeed. There were just too many parts. He could not figure out how to put them back together again. His bike was now reduced to a pile of scrap. Rach threw his hands up in despair and gave up. He gathered all the pieces and threw them into a junk pile in the street.

A few days later, Rach came back from school and began fiddling with his tools. Soon, he heard loud noises coming from the house of his friend Ju, who lived across the street. He opened the gate to his garden and was surprised to see Ju on a small but functional crane. Ju seemed to enjoy himself immensely. He was playing in his garden and moving chairs and tables from one end of the garden to another. Ju asked Rach to come over and join him. Rach raced across the road and reached his friend’s house in a jiffy. He asked Ju who had given him the crane. But Ju explained that nobody had given him the crane. He said “I just found the crane on the street. Someone had just thrown it out. It was dismantled into small pieces but the moment I saw it, I knew it was a crane. I collected the pieces to build the crane and started playing with it.”

Rach told Ju about how he had dismantled his bike but had failed to rebuild it.  They both had a good laugh and started playing. 

© 2020



Wind down, relax and increase awareness of the body and breathing.

Lie down on your back, relax your entire body, and make sure you are making no special effort. Scan your body from head to toes and observe the weight you apply on the bed with each part of your body.

[Do this for 15 seconds, in silence]

Now close your eyes and put two palms on your eyes, do not apply pressure on your eyes. It should be a light touch; feel that air can easily flow between your face and hands.

Now inhale through your nose and feel the air flowing in and filling up your body, and exhale through the nose, again noticing the air flowing out through the nostrils. Do this 3 times.

[Wait 15 seconds]

Now put your palms over your heart, letting your palms gently touch your chest.

Again, inhale through your nose, feel the air flowing in and filling up your body, then exhale through the nose, noticing the air flowing out through the nostrils. Do this 3 times.

[Wait 15 seconds]

Now put your palms over your belly; let your palms touch your belly lightly.

Again, inhale through your nose and feel the air flowing in and making your belly rise; now exhale through the nose, again noticing the air flowing out through the nostrils. Do this 3 times.

[Breathe 3 times like this]

Now, we shall begin our story…

© 2020

Focus awareness on how the story resonates within us. There are no right or wrong answers here, you can also just throw the questions into the air.

“The greatest wisdom is seeing through appearances”

Can you think of something that can be used in different situations for different purposes?

How did Rach feel when he could not reassemble the motorcycle?

Thinking of the part of the story when the motorcycle was in pieces, if we were to name it, would it be a motorcycle, a crane, or something else?

© 2020

Create awareness, clarity and calm. This practice is related to the story so as to make the practice easier for kids.

Imagine you are not the rider of a motorcycle but a motorcycle itself. You are off to ride on a dirt track. You hear the roaring sound of your own engine, smell the fumes of gasoline in your tank, and feel the pebble-covered road under your feet, which are actually tires.

You start cruising down the dirt road, watching how the speed increases under you. You are fast, and the scenery around you is beautiful. After an hour of riding, you want to rest. There is a spot with shade and soft grass, and you lay on the grass.

You are lying here, your head is the headlight, your hands are the handlebars, the seat area is your belly, and your legs are the wheels. Now, slowly and gently go through all the motorcycle parts, and feel them as if they are your own body parts. Start taking the motorcycle apart.

Not to lose track of how your are built, gently take out the wheels and then put them back on…

[Wait 5 sec]

Take out the rods that hold the wheels and put them back on…

[Wait 5 sec]

Now take out the seat and put it back on…

[Wait 5 sec]

Now take out the handlebars and put them back on

[Wait 5 sec]

Finally take off the headlight and put it back on.

Now bring your attention back to you, your body, feeling the weight of your body on the mattress.

[Wait 5 sec]


© 2020

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